Digby Dog

Our favorite doggy friend Digby was here for a few days. We started watching him just over a year ago… …he’s bigger now! But that just makes him extra lovable!  

Black and White Sunday: Digby

After many weeks of enjoying Black and White Sunday on the The Sundog Drift I thought I should investigate further… …and on further investigation I thought I’d join in. Follow the link below to see more! Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…


This is my puppy. This is not my puppy.This is my friends puppy Digby and he comes to visit us everyday while she is at work. Theoretically this is to help my friend out by keeping the pup here while he is still too young to be in a crate all day.  Once he is […]

Dog Sitting

I’m dog sitting. Most of you probably dog sit one dog at a time, perhaps two. I’ve got three extras. With Digby in the mix I suspect we are talking at least 200 extra pounds of dog. Fortunately, I love dogs! And, for the most part, adding three dogs to our house with it’s fenced […]


In her 13 years with us, Fiona spent most of it exercising the art of camouflage. A tortoiseshell colored cat, she was able to blend into the background, the shadows, and even the blankets with remarkable ease. Shy of new people, visitors often didn’t realize we had a cat. But every night she’d come out […]