Bee-Beep, Bee- Beep, Bee-Beep!

Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep!

The house is on fire!

I elbow John’s sleeping figure.

He doesn’t move.

Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep!

….No, that’s not the smoke detector…

It’s the alarm going off- we’re late!

I poke John.

He doesn’t move.

Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep!

…I peer closely at the alarm clock, 4:23, alarms do not alarm at that time in this house…

It’s the cell phone!

I poke John.

He doesn’t move.

Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep!

…It’s not the phone…


I poke John.

He doesn’t move.

Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep!

…Oh – It’s Jane…

She wants breakfast.

I poke John.

He doesn’t move.

Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep!

She tells me she needs yogurt.

I look at John…  give up, and get up.

Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep, Bee-Beep!

I follow Jane, toward both the yogurt and the beeping.

It’s the refrigerator door alarm.

Jane appears to have  been up for sometime.Jane in the fridge

Sadly for her I do not serve breakfast at 4:30AM.

The next twenty minutes crawl by in a sleepy, horrible, tangle of whining, crying, and waking of sisters only ending after a terrible game of musicale beds.

Finally, Bee-Beeping silenced, kids settled, I find my way back to my own bed.

I poke John.

He lifts up his arm to make a space and I scoot back under the covers with the sudden, suspicious anger that he was feigning sleep earlier.

But John is warm and his arm is heavy over my chest.  I snuggle in, sigh and barely have time to mentally forgive him before I drop headlong into sleep.


And that is an unfortunately true story of my wee hours of the morning this week. Clearly my brain has absolutely no idea how to function at that time. Grabbing my camera as I walked through the house was a minor miracle! I am again linking up with Northwest Frame of Mind  and her 1 Day 1 World project.  Check out who else was up between Four and Five this week.




Hunting Birds: The Lives and Legends of the Pine County Rod, Gun, Dog and Social Club by Jerry Johnson

I guess it could be argued that the narrator of this tale takes his own sweet, round about time to get down to the story at hand.

But that would be the argument of someone who goes bird hunting just to kill things.

Would I recommend it? Yes.


Also, Jerry Johnson has an excellent blog at Dispatches from a Northern TownHead over and check it out. Bells and Whistles is a great place to start, though you might need a Kleenex!


Did I Just Say What I Thought I Said? XI

I was busy doing things moms do when not attending the immediate needs of their children, (Yeah, I was totally on the internet.) when Jane ran into the room…

Me: “What is that?”
Jane: “It’s a knife.”
Me: “A wood knife?”
Jane: “No. A KNIFE!”
Me: “Oh- go play with your sisters with it then.”

Then Jane took her “knife”(which looked an awful lot like a piece of kindling) and ran off making her gun noise, (which sounds an awful lot like a chicken) to find her sisters and I turned back to what I was doing.Jane

Then I stopped, looked around in time to see her heels disappear up the stairs after her sisters thinking, I didn’t really…

…No, I did.

I did just say what I thought I said…

For a moment I was almost sucked into the guilty mom trap. After all, I basically just told my two year old to go play with knives- not my best parenting moment.

Then I listened to Jane’s strange chicken/gun/knife noises mixed with the happy squeals of three sisters at play and mentally shrugged. There were no actual sharp objects in play, the girls were happily (and imaginatively) playing and I had a bit of time all to myself in the middle of a lazy summer afternoon, life was good.

Unorthodox perhaps, but good!






The Wrath Inside by RR Gall

Often it starts with a setting that interests you, then the characters paint their lives full and rich, the plot hooks you for good and there you are engrossed in a good book.

As a story set it AD 15 The Wrath Inside certainly interested me and perhaps that was the problem. I was so busy being analytically interested I never became emotionally involved. So much of my inner dialog was saying things like; “Ha- of course teenagers were still smart alecs.” “Is that what their houses are like?” “Are those wood working tools really as old as all that? I wonder what they looked like?”  ” Wait, what are they eating?” “Should I know this person?” “How much of this is real?” I was googling, and defining and learning… and completely missing getting wrapped up in the character and plots.The Wrath Inside by RR Gall

I missed connecting with the young boy who was sucked into schemes he knows little about and the angry Roman commander who has come to take the census of his town. And as for the many plot lines that were being woven, well, I was too busy wondering over cooking tortoises to puzzle over any mystery. Finally when the different plots started weaving together near the end, promising more action in the following book, I was surprised at all that had been going on while I was marveling over roofing design!

Would I recommend it? The book was interesting but not captivating. Of course, that said, I’d like to read the next one. I think I need to know what happens next!Rosie's Book Review team 1


This honest review was given in return for a free copy of the book from its author.