Finding Things

Strange things happen when you become a mother.

Sometimes you start sounding exactly like your own mother. Sometimes you find yourself doing things you swore you’d never do (I mean other than sound exactly like your mother). And sometimes you find that you are the only person in your house that can find missing items.

This morning I was the only one that could find things in our house, specifically I was the only one who could find Jane’s jacket. It was, and I know this is weird, hanging in the closet where it was supposed to be. Jane couldn’t find it. After many rounds of the game called “Did you check?” ” Are you sure?” she finally looked in the closet again, and found her jacket.

Dramatic recreation for your benefit. As you can see her pink lined leopard spotted jacket is quite easy to see, if she couldn't have found her shoes in that avalanche waiting to happen on the bottom that would have been a different story.

Dramatic recreation for your benefit. As you can see her pink lined, leopard spotted jacket is quite visible. If she couldn’t have found her shoes in that avalanche waiting to happen on the bottom that would have been a different story…

Laughing she came over and explained the whole phenomenon to me.

“You know that thing that happens when you can’t find something and that blur thing gets in your eye so you can’t see the one thing you were looking for even though it’s right there? That’s what happened.”

I can’t help you out with why you may sound like your mother and the choices that you make once you have children, but there you have it straight from Jane the mystery of why only mothers can find things.

It’s a Blur Thing problem.


The computer is working!

For now…

Having a computer that sort of, kind of, sometimes works is both more useful than one that does nothing at all and infinitely more frustrating.

But, it’s working now and so quick before it crashes I give you….

A duck!
Ancona duck

Not just any duck, this little lady came to me all the way from Washington State and will, if all goes well, be the mama to some new fluffy ducklings come spring.

Actual spring that is, not this 60 degree February nonsense that’s been going on the last week.

The ducks (and the geese and the chickens) have all enjoyed getting out and foraging in this ridiculous weather.  But despite hearing the siren song of spring myself on these last few warm days,  I’m not believing it. I see freezing temperatures in the forecast and no matter how nice that sun feels or how excited I am for fluffy new arrivals – it’s still February.

And there will be no duck babies until real spring arrives!



Computers are great…

… except when they aren’t.

Mine aren’t.

All the computers in the house look like this. #imissmyblogalready

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Blogging is difficult without a computer. Some people can blog from their phones but our , (yup our, John and I still share) iPhone 4 (yeah, that’s right, no “S”, Siri and I aren’t even friends) and I are not up to the challenge.

Of course, contrary as I am, this means I have a million things I want to blog about. Sadly they’ll all have to wait until we solve our computer woes.

Until then, know I haven’t abandoned you all, I’m still here, I’ll just be swearing at my computer until further notice.

Good thing that phone and I can still manage Instagram, maybe I’ll see you there!

(Also if you think helping people pick out computers is super fun send me a message- we need help!)


“When was the last time you showered?”

“You better go take a shower.”

“No, you can’t just put your hair in a pony tail, go wash it.”

“Because you can’t remember the last time!”

“No, you have to.”

“Because you can’t remember the last time, that means it’s been too long!”


“Did you wash your hair yet?”

“Okay, but don’t come out until you wash and condition it.”

“Did you wash it?”

“Go, get back in and wash and condition it!”

“Because we will never be able to get all the snarls out otherwise!”

*Thirty Seven hours of brushing and crying and whining later…*

“There, all nice and smooth and shiny!”


Unrelated photo. And yet it seemed appropriate anyway…


When was the last time I showered?

Damn, I can’t remember.

*Go to use shampoo and conditioner and find empty bottles.*

*Try to brush hair.*

*Fail due to large snarls.*

*Throw it all in pony tail anyway.*


Planning the Future

I am great at planning for the future.

I have a yearly step by step plan on how I’m going to finally get myself those goats that I’ve always wanted.

I know which trees we should take down for firewood now and which ones I want to take down next year.

I have the order figured out for all the things I would build as we finish the upstairs of the garage.

I know what trees and shrubs I want to plant next year and where I want to plant them.

Put me in front of one of our apple trees and I’ll tell you which branches we are going to prune now, which ones we will prune next year and what branches we are using to eventually replace old limbs.

I even know where we are going on vacation this year and when we are doing it.

What? Tomorrow?

Psh! Tomorrow! That little day doesn’t matter!

Which is why “today” always greets me with terrible surprises. Did you know that people, particularly small people, expect to eat three meals a day? I hear that this is easier if you plan ahead and that sometimes people even do this as soon as the day before.

I wouldn’t know.

In other terrible news of “today,” I hear they are going to want to eat three times again tomorrow! But I can’t possibly plan what that might be because I’m far too busy running in circles doing all these things that I planned last week/month/year that for some super strange reason now need to be done today!

It’s shocking.

Every day it’s shocking.

So I make lists.lists

Sadly, I can’t always read them.

So, it’s still shocking.

But I am great at planning for the future, just ask me about my multi-year landscaping plan…