My Husband

This is my husband He is a wonderful husband, dad, sometimes farmer, car mechanic, general fix it guy, and then he goes to work as a chemist. Couldn’t ask for more out of a guy! Now he tries to deny the nerdy chemist side of himself sometimes, but when I find something like this in the kitchen it’s hard for him to argue, he is a chemistry nerd. This is what he did when trying to figuring out how to use tomato paste instead of tomato juice in a stew. Did I mention he also cooks? And the stew turned out delicious! But when you use stoichiometry in your cooking, you are a chem nerd, sorry honey!


2 comments on “My Husband

  1. Sarah R. says:

    I'm following your blog. Nicely put together! I like the picture you took for the top. And, nice name, too! John is a funny guy… chem nerd or not.

  2. […] can do stoichiometry to figure out cooking conversions, but I think that is perhaps making things a bit more difficult than […]

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