We Like Books!

I like books! Note the two I’m currently reading to your left.

John likes books! He reads pieces of about five at a time and still manages to remember more of what happened in all of them than I’ll ever be able to do even reading one at a time!

Clara likes books! Believe it or not she wasn’t even trying to get this one into her mouth she was just looking at it!
And Ivy likes books! Especially on a day like today when she was a bit under the weather. We went to the library and got Blueberries for Sal and then proceeded to read it four times before John came home and took over the reading!Wonderful! Great! A family that reads!

But let’s not forget to factor in the darker side of book lovers. You know the part that has you reading when you should be making dinner/cleaning/pulling thistles/playing with kids. The part that says “I have to use the bathroom.” (ie the only place in the house relatively free of other people because you NEED to finish that last chapter) Don’t tell me John and I are the only ones guilty of that!? And of course the infamous, staying up far too late reading. I’ve done it forever. I have not gotten any smarter as the years go by. And even though at one in the morning I tell myself laying in bed motionless is kind of like sleeping it will sort of count, that hasn’t yet turned out to be true come morning.

And so now almost two hours after I have put my three year old to bed I struggle. Should I be praising her love of books or cursing it, because she is still up, reading by the light of the hall, very quietly, in hopes no one will find out. And yes Mom and Dad I can hear you laughing from here!

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2 comments on “We Like Books!

  1. Sarah R. says:

    Clara looks so grown up holding her book! My kids love them, too. Natalie already has a flashlight (pink princess, no doubt) that she uses to read at night. I think you should love it. Being addicted to reading is far less noxious than some other addictions.

  2. pheasantman says:

    I once read BLUEBERRIES FOR SAL something like 17 times in one day to Robbie. I was still enjoying it, and would have read it a few more times, had there been time. (He laughed everytime we came to the spot where Mama bear says "Grumff". And that was return enough for this grandma.)

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