Fishing with Tinkerbell

This weekend we spent some time in Pewaukee and Grandma Mary took Ivy down to the bait shop to pick out her very own fishing pole. Ivy is now the proud owner of a purple and green Tinkerbell fishing pole and I am once again left wondering how I got a girl who’s favorite colors are pink and purple!

After dinner that night Ivy and her Grandma went down to the lake with Granny and Great Gramps to go fishing. I popped down for a quick visit after Clara was in bed, to find that Ivy had everything well in hand. Grandma had been instructed where to hold the pole, Great Gramps was holding the line, and Granny was in charge of the spare bobber.   As soon as I showed up, Ivy showed me the fish they already had, a perch that she had caught and a bluegill that Grandma caught. Then I was told to take a picture, that was my job.

Along with all the instructions she was reeling off Ivy was also in charge of reeling in the fish. Shortly after I got there she pulled in a big bluegill.

Grandma Mary: “Ivy it’s a monster!”
Ivy: “No, it not a monster, it a bluegill!” … “A BIG one!”

2 comments on “Fishing with Tinkerbell

  1. Carol says:

    We have been searching for a Tinkerbell fishing pole for our granddaughter. Could you tell us where to find one for her? Thank you so much!

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