Wrinkle by Scott Alan Ross

This book was lent to my by my Granny, it is a book her dermatologist wrote! Wrinkle is  a sort of crazy mystery involving botox, laboratories, plastic surgery, sex, murder, gambling and of course wrinkles.  My favorite part was learning a tiny bit more about botox, plastic surgery, lab mice and drug testing. Not that I have any personal plans for such things I just always like a book that gives you a glimpse into a profession I don’t know anything about. Very starkly different from Blue-Eyed Devil in that Blue-Eyed Devil is very sparse with words and Wrinkle is not. Granny said it’s got quite a few editing errors, I’m bad a noticing those (maybe you’ve noticed that about me) but I did pick up one or two.

Would I recommend it? Conditionally.  Not the best book ever, but certainly not the worst.  Don’t read it if it’s your only book you’ll have time for this summer, but if it sounds interesting and won’t kill three months of your free reading time pick it up!


2 comments on “Wrinkle by Scott Alan Ross

  1. Scott Ross says:

    Fair enough review…..It is hard to find a great editor these days. They’re working on optioning it for a movie……..

    • Jessie says:

      Really I am hardly one to talk about editing, my husband is my blog “editor” and he keeps asking me if I have a thing against comma’s… oh well! Hope the movie option goes through!

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