Alice I Have Been by Melanie Benjamin

Look at this cover, I love it!

The little Alice, the two different fonts, the girl in the mirror, seriously how can you NOT choose a book for it’s cover when it looks like this one!

Even more exciting than the cover (which is much better in person without my poor photography skills messing with it), the book was great! As I’m sure you have already guessed it is a historical fiction about the real Alice from Alice in Wonderland.

I was hooked when the first chapter started with this:

“Off with their-legs. That was the curious notion I had as a child.

That certain people-queens, generally-lost their heads was understood to be a historical fact.

But in my world, legs were missing with alarming regularity as well. The men in their long academic robes, the women in their voluminous skiers; everyone skimming, floating, like puffs of cotton in the air – that is the first, and most vivid memory of my childhood.”- Melanie Benjamin, Alice I Have Been

In case a great cover and awesome writing isn’t quite enough to sway you the author includes historical facts she worked from in the back. I love that!

Would I recommend it? Definitely!


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