Ready, Set, Go! by Nina Laden

We brought home Ready, Set, Go! after a recommendation that if we liked Peek-A-Who! we’d like this one too. And it’s true,Clara loved it and my favorite part was that Ivy loved “reading” it to her.

Ivy would read it like this:

“Ready, set, go! Ready, set, throw! Ready set, blow! Ready, set boat! Ready, set, snow! ect.”

Row was a tricky one for her, but it was a boat in the picture,  and Clara didn’t seem to mind at all!

Would I recommend it? Yup, Peek-A-Who? seems to be a bit better for really young ages.  After all I think we start playing peek-a-boo with babies when they are about 3 days old,  takes a bit longer before we can teach them ready, set go and I think the familiarity of the word pattern is what made Clara laugh.

One comment on “Ready, Set, Go! by Nina Laden

  1. thinkbigmuch says:

    Um, by the way, your Peek-A-Who book ended up in my diaper bag after the train ride. We second your commendations… James loves it!

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