The Bear Dance by Chris Riddell

This is my currently my favorite picture book.  I found it in the library last year and we have checked it out many times since then.   I love this book so much I’m not even sure what to say about it.  I do know that it is currently out of print,  a little googling has taught me that Riddell has many other books but I have not yet read any of them.

In this book Katya lives in a forest where it is always summer with her friend Brown (he’s the bear).

Then one day she wakes up to snow. This is Johns favorite picture: I love the illustrations. Katya discovers Jack Frost is in her forest, and this part where she confronts him has made me cry a dozen times.  Either I am completely ridiculous or it’s a really, really good book.

Would I recommend it? Yes!


One comment on “The Bear Dance by Chris Riddell

  1. Jenny says:

    Our library system doesn’t have this book! I may have to have a talk with our favorite librarian! If and when you come visit you have to bring it.

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