Reason #9 We Do A Lot of Laundry

This is what comes off my kitchen floor in 48 hours. This does  not include the small sweepings around the highchair that happen after every meal. (Sorry if you were eating or anything, but I thought a visual was in order.)

Add to this dirt one crawling kid.

Then add one large dog water bowl.

Imagine the dog bowl is on the floor, you know, so the dogs can drink out of it and stuff.

Now imagine what happens when you add to the large pile of dirt a large pile of water, because nothing gets Clara moving faster than a good dish of water to dump.  Now I hear you saying, “Water doesn’t pile Jessie.” And you are absolutely right, it runs, all the way across the floor of my crooked, crooked house.

Now imagine what happens when a small girl crawls through the resulting quagmire, which is of course unavoidable because of the aforementioned crookedness and waters lack of pile-ing ability.

Yup, you guessed it, laundry…

One comment on “Reason #9 We Do A Lot of Laundry

  1. […] and she’ll be able to dump the dog water twice as fast as before which as everyone knows is Reason #9 We Do A Lot of Laundry. Share this post!EmailPrintTwitterFacebookMoreRedditDiggLinkedInStumbleUponTumblrLike this:LikeBe […]

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