A Name of Her Own by Jane Kirkpatrick

This was a historical fiction about a Native American woman traveling west with a company of men  a la Lewis and Clark.   I find reading about this time period and the whole Lewis and Clark, can we get there from here? travels  pretty fascinating to read about, add to this a pregnant female main character with a half breed translator husband who drinks and beats her, then bring two very  young boys along on the trip and the fascination level goes even higher. Unfortunately most of it was of the can’t look away from a car crash type.

Would I recommend it? I can’t decide. On one hand I liked the setting, and main character, on the other I wasn’t a big fan of the general flow of the book. Everyone is speaking different languages and few are speaking their native tongues and so much of the conversation is choppy. I’d say this makes it  accurate but not enjoyable to read.


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