Birdology by Sy Montgomery

The chronicles of this lady’s “adventures with a pack of hens, a peck of pigeons, cantankerous crows, fierce falcons, hip hop parrots, baby hummingbirds, and one murderously big living dinosaur” are full of facts and information, unfortunately they are also full of Sy Montgomery. Sy Montgomery is a bit too, for lack of a better term, woo woo for me. I’m glad that birds fill her heart with awe and wonder and make her spirit soar. But when I read things like “My whole soul feels like a yawning hole that only this bird can fill.” I throw up a bit in my mouth as I roll my eyes.

Would I recommend it? No Parts of it, particularly the parts about the cassowary, I found pretty interesting but I have very little tolerance for woo woo mixed in with fact. It made my head hurt from all the unintentional eye rolling and I wouldn’t want to subject anyone else to such pain.

3 comments on “Birdology by Sy Montgomery

  1. Susie says:

    Sorry that I passed on a recommendation from you-know-who to read this book. Who knew that he tolerated woo woo books.

    • This was a you-know-who recommendation!? I never would have suspected the woo woo levels he is capable of handling!!! I think I must go rearrange my thinking of the world after that revelation…

      • Susie says:

        I do have to note that I have to pry reviews from you-know-who and usually end up with a yes/no response. So there could have been miscommunication (under-communication) on this one.

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