The Second Annual Long Lake Lager Fest

Since starting this blog I have been harassed by a number of people about never putting pictures of myself on it. The reason for that is that I’m always taking the pictures, so I have no pictures of myself. This posts photos are all courtesy of Katie who was the last one to admonish me for my lack of pictures so I told her I was leaving my camera in my bag for the weekend and she’d have to share her photos, thanks Katie! So here is a quick recap of our weekend fun, starring myself, which feels awfully odd but I’ll try to get over it.

John and I left Ivy behind for a weekend of fun with grandparents and cousins and went north with Clara for our own weekend of fun with friends.

Then Saturday morning I left John and Clara behind at the cabin for my own morning of fun on the boat, he he he…

We water skied and tubed…… and then Clara was up from her nap so we let them join us after all.

Happily Clara loved the boat ride cumbersome life jacket and all.We finished off the day on the water with a after dinner trip for ice cream! Yum!All and all it was a wonderful weekend and we are already looking forward to next year.

And look, there was more people than me having fun, here is the whole crew in our official t-shirts! Missing from this picture are the six dogs who were along, I’m thinking next year we need to line them all up for a group photo too! Speaking of official t-shirts, by the time we got home on Sunday Johns shirt looked like this: That my friends is a story for the next post.

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