Keeping It Elevated

Over the weekend my Uncle Jim (you may remember him from the Pewaukee Triathlon) and his super staff fixed Storm’s knee.  While Uncle Jim makes a pretty good biker for an OFG we are fortunate that he is a far better veterinary surgeon than triathlon team member. Nobody in this family is going to talk smart about out-suturing him, we just come visiting with our broken dogs and make sure to say please and thank you! Uncle Jim had a big job with Storm’s knee, from what I heard about it everything in her knee was messed up in some way, a few of the major items: grinding off extra bone growth and replacing her ACL! All reconstructed in her bright pink bandage (chosen by Ivy of course) Storm is back at home and doing well. Right now Storm is confined to her crate and while she may get tired of that in the weeks to come today she’s going with the flow, and making sure to keep that leg elevated!

And no, I don’t force her to lay like that it really is her preferred sleeping position!

4 comments on “Keeping It Elevated

  1. Cara says:

    How lucky you are to have a vet in the family. We have nurses, teachers and some men very handy in various trades, but we could use a vet, and a lawyer would come in handy to bounce some questions off once in a while. My oldest (13) wants to be a large animal veterinarian, so there is hope.

    Love the pictures and the captions because I was wondering how you got her to sleep like that.

  2. the other Jessie says:

    I’m so glad she can still sleep in her prefered position. She just had to substitute her front leg for a back leg that sticks straight up…now if you could get the blue recliner in the kennel with her.

  3. […] on the trip with John to Michigan. Talking to her you’d never guess that they were there for Storms surgery, nope, clearly in Ivy’s world the trip to Michigan was all about the pony […]

  4. […] tradition, remember the triathlon?).  Last weekend while we were in Michigan visiting for another Storm surgery there was some time to play when the vet work was done.  It was then that I think Uncle Weasel […]

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