Ivy’s Michigan Stories

Ivy went along on the trip with John to Michigan. Talking to her you’d never guess that they were there for Storms surgery, nope, clearly in Ivy’s world the trip to Michigan was all about the pony ride.

It comes up in conversation (or out of the blue) like this:

-“MOM GUESS WHAT? …  I got to ride a pony!”

-“MOM you know what I did? … I rode a pony with Uncle Jim!”

-“MOM you know what feel you better? … Riding a pony!”

-“MOM I rode a pony with Uncle Jim like at the fair.  …. It was better than the fair.”

-“MOM we go to Michigan again and I ride a pony?”

Clearly the pony ride was a big hit!

Only two things can compete with the pony ride.

The stuffed pink poodle that she got as a gift that she actually threw(? lost? dropped?) out the window on the drive home. Lucky for Ivy Dad was the hero and went back for it.

“Mom, my puppy flew out the window, and you know who turned around and got it? DAD! And it wasn’t even dirty!”

Since it’s rescue it has accompanied her everywhere and has been called either Grandma Mary or Finley, she might not be sure of the name but it’s not getting let go of long enough to fall out a window again that’s for sure!

And my favorite, her story about the kitten:

“Mom you know what I did?”

“I held a tiny kitty, I held it like this” – mimed cupping hands against chest

“It was soo tiny and so black Mom, it was so black”

“And, and it’s eyes were closed!”

-I asked how big it was-

“It was NOT big Mom it was TINY!”

After our conversation I saw the picture, she was right it was tiny!

8 comments on “Ivy’s Michigan Stories

  1. Uncle Jim says:

    The kittens are doing just fine and Sandy the pony misses Ivy every day. Most of all Marcia is glad that the little pink puppy and Ivy were reunited by Sir John the Knight in shining Armor

  2. johnny says:

    that second picture of Ivy on the pony is happiness personified!

  3. Cara says:

    I agree with Johnny. As my Beth would say “her whole body is smiling” And she is right riding a pony “will feel you better” anytime.

  4. So, with that whole body smile as Miss happiness personified rides a pony, how long do you think her Dad will hold out once she starts asking for one?

  5. Cara says:

    He may hold out on one, but when they both start working on him I bet it will be hard.

    I’m looking out the window right now at my Jon with the 3 girls and our ponies and it is hard to tell which of them is happier.

    Really, you already have fences and animals. What is one or two more?

  6. John says:

    I’m smart enough to know better than to say it’ll never happen, but until those horses start bringing in a paycheck, I plan on holding firm. At least until we reach baby step 7 of our Total Money Makeover. Stopping the car on the side of the interstate to rescue a pink stuffed puppy is one thing, trying to keep a horse through the winter is something entirely different. But like I said, we’ll see.

  7. […] since my Uncle Jim, ( You remember him? ) Started cross country skiing again and setting OFG records some members of my family (myself […]

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