An Extra Birthday Gift

Last night as John and I were out and about celebrating his birthday, we traveled around a good chunk of south central Wisconsin, hiking, touring the new plant his work opened up and then we went out for a bite of food  and a few drinks downtown Madison.  We eventually ended up at the Nitty Gritty. For those of you who don’t immediately get the most annoying happy birthday song ever stuck in your head at the mere mention of the name the Nitty Gritty is Madison’s birthday bar. If it’s your birthday you get a mug with a balloon and free beer all day, once an hour they play the birthday song and shout out all the celebrants that are there that day. Not surprisingly it is often filled with college kids, (you did hear me say “free” and “beer” in the same sentence right? ) As it turns out it’s also a great place for those of us who are following Dave Ramsey and his cursed, I mean lovely plan. Birthday boy drinks free and designated drivers get free soda, it was right up our cheapskate alley.

So we were standing around, making fun of the current fashion, enjoying our free drinks and having a lovely time. Then on a trip to the bar John got another little birthday present. A younger guy with his own birthday balloon said “Hey man, Happy Birthday” as John went by.  Not unusual, drunk people are pretty friendly. Then as I followed John by, he says in a voice laced with disdain “What are you like, 28?”

When I caught up to John I related what I had heard, his face fell for an instant, and then lit up, “Yeah, I am like 28!”

Happy 33rd Birthday honey!

2 comments on “An Extra Birthday Gift

  1. denise says:

    Happy Birthday John! 🙂

    I won’t even tell you what they’d say about me as I went by…I’m going to be forty-gulp-three in a few days. Gasp! 😯

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