Mad Ship by Robin Hobb

Second in The Liveship Traders series I liked this book much better than the first.

Is it because the character set up was done in the first book and now they are actually growing?

Because now I’m hooked in the plot?

Because I can see more and more how this connects to the Tawny Man Trilogy?

Because I love a good nautical adventure?

I have no idea, but I’m requesting the next one from the library tonight.

Would I recommend it? No, I can’t recommend the second if I didn’t like the first even if it was better. Perhaps the third will swing my vote back to a yes we’ll have to see…

While we are on the subject of things that I don’t love I have a question.

Who is in charge of cover art for books?

Don’t they ever worry about the artists actually reading what they attempt to portray? This isn’t the worst example of  an inaccurate cover ever, something like this picture sort of happened. Characters, ships and sea serpents are described to sort of look like that… seriously, I find it to be totally annoying.


One comment on “Mad Ship by Robin Hobb

  1. […] I recommend it? Yes, but of course then you have to read the first two (here and here) or this wouldn’t make sense and I didn’t like those near as much. So as for the whole […]

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