Alien Trouble

I had trouble, Clara was screaming, and screaming, and screaming.  My friend was due to show up any minute to babysit, John would be home shortly and we were all set for our belated anniversary date.   As the screaming continued with no signs of stopping I started worrying that not only was my evening was in jeopardy but that something was seriously wrong with my kid. As I tried to figure out what the cause of the screaming was I debated with myself:

Do I stay home?

Do we delay leaving until she’s in bed?

Will I feel horribly guilty for leaving a completely upset girl with my friend?

If I leave will I just be grateful that I can say goodbye and leave all the noise behind?

If I am grateful does that make me a horrible mother?

Did I accidentally feed her dairy products?

Does she have a fever?

Am I actually stabbing hot needles into her and I don’t know it?

Have the ten million falls she has taken in the last week as she started walking damaged her brain and now all she can do is scream?

Then during a good scream I looked in her mouth, there I discovered two gigantic aliens posing as molars pushing through Clara’s gums. They must have been aliens, teeth that large, in such a little mouth that would be pure craziness.  Unfortunately my alien banishing tactics are nonexistent so I thought I’d treat it like teething.

Teething I know how to deal with (thank you Ivy for your super early, super cranky teething).  We froze some teethers (I know frostbite, whatever, fridge temp is not cold enough), dug out some aquarium tubing to chew on, pulled out the ibuprofen,and made a call to John to bring home some teething gel. A half hour later drugs had kicked in, Clara was happily walking around the house with her chunks of tubing and John and I left guilt free on our date.

After a bit of a rough start at sporting clays when John’s gun jammed on his first shot things went great.  John was unable to fix his gun, which forced him to use my gun, which effectively handicapped him enough that I almost beat him. We finished up our date night with dinner out and a trip to the grocery store (wild and crazy I know) and came home to two sleeping girls and one friend that still seems to like both us and our kids.

Thank goodness it was only alien trouble!


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