Tomato Trouble

It’s been awhile!

Right as we all started recovering from our individual maladies our internet connection came down with some illness of its own. So today the girls and I loaded up in a truck and drove four hours north just so I could finally write another post.  Admittedly there was more to it than that, but one thing at time, I’ve lots of catching up to do!

Now, about that tomato trouble…

By now my garden trouble has probably solved itself, the heavy frost we had before I left town most likely took care of any tomatoes that were still around. But just a  few days ago I had discovered something was nibbling on my tomatoes. Even my green tomatoes were under attack Check out this one, attacked while still hanging on the vine!

My mystery was short lived, just on the other side of the tomato plants I found the culprit.

Have I ever mentioned that Clara LOVES tomatoes?

5 comments on “Tomato Trouble

  1. Jenny says:

    I love it! My tomatoes were very poor this year. I figured it out later in the summer that it was Henry! He was picking tomatoes (and peppers). Also taking a bite and then feeding them to the chickens. I was able to can 4 qts of spaghetti sauce. Maybe next year will be better.

  2. Marge Gibson says:

    How adorable. MY culprit was a turkey that thinks she runs the house and garden apparently too.

  3. Corky says:

    She’s adorable! I’d rather have Clara get my tomatoes than the early frost!

  4. denise says:

    Cute! 🙂 My culprit this year was chipmunks!

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