Walking Piper

Piper is the best dog ever.

I can say this, because she is my dog and everyone knows that their own dog is the best dog ever.

Exhibit number one of Piper as the best dog ever:

Just so you know and can be suitably impressed my calculator and I did some figuring, Piper is approximatley three times bigger than Ivy.

I am extra proud of my big lug of a dog, when I think back on how Piper started out heeling.  While it has been long enough that I’m not exactly sure what the issue was in the beginning  I do vividly remember Piper refusing to walk on a leash.  Refusing to the point that she would lay on her back and while growing and attacking the leash.  Things were so bad that we started over and switched sides (she’s a right sided heeler now) before she would walk next to me without turning into a psycho attack dog.

Then we hit the stage where she was an extra large puppy, and she sort of knew the rules but still had too much puppy left to follow them all the time. The trouble was that when heeling and seeing something extra fun like a squirrel I started to worry my shoulder would be dislocated before she learned she wasn’t allowed to lunge after them.  We invested in a Gentle Leader and while I’ve heard some people had bad experiences with them it was perfect for Piper and I. Now six years later we were running at the local park and I had the only dog not pulling off it’s owners arm when it went by another dog.

Piper, the Great Dane even a three year old can walk.  Clearly is the best dog ever.

Well, most of the time…

3 comments on “Walking Piper

  1. Jessica says:

    Awsome!! My Jake was a sled dog in his past life so I think there is no hope!!!
    He used to be really good on a leash when we lived in the city, but now living in the country he never needs it. And if we do leave to take him for a walk it is always in an off leash park so he can play too.
    So good job piper!! And ivy. And the trainer,you, too 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      I’d say lack of dogs on a leash is one of my favorite parts of country living, if Jake doesn’t need to so much the better. With Storms surgery and all the time on leash I’ve decided that I hate nothing more than waiting for a dog to “do their business” while I hold the other end of the rope. I’m not sure a could handle being a city dog owner any more!

  2. Sarah says:

    Piper is a dog I like. That should say a lot!

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