The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson

More historical fiction……I love it!

I find it to be a painless form of accidental learning where I often retain information better than completely non-fiction sources.

Like all the best historical fiction it includes a part in the back that says what is fact and what isn’t, important when used as an accidental learning source!

Then of course there was the actual substance of the book, involving two different times (current and past, love that) two different countries (culture comparisons, always good) and a willful woman in a time when that was not encouraged (gotta love that).

Oh, and pirates, they always make life more…”interesting.”

Would I recommend it? Yes, it dealt with a small part of  history I’d never heard of before.


One comment on “The Tenth Gift by Jane Johnson

  1. […] I said that I loved historical fiction because it’s, “a painless form of accidental learning ” which I think is true.  Except for when it […]

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