Tippeary by Frank Delaney

Recently I said that I loved historical fiction because it’s, “a painless form of accidental learning ” which I think is true.  Except for when it isn’t.

Set during the time of the Irish war for independence Tippeary had so much promise, the first page was totally intriguing…

…187 pages later I thought to myself ooohhhh, now it’s getting good.

Three Signs You May Be Reading A Boring Book:

1) You lose it under your bed for a few days because you forgot you were reading it.

2) You put the book down when the main character is being held at gun point and forgot what was happening before you pick it back up.

3) You put the book down when arsonists are lighting their fires.

Really to be fair, it wasn’t boring, there was a guerrilla war going on after all, it was just that I hated all the characters.

Would I recommend it? No, the last third of the book was good, but not good enough to make up for the first two thirds!


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