Notable Numbers from Norton

Today was the first day of hunting in Norton, Kansas for my Mom, my brother Tyler and I.

Notable numbers so far:

30 mph winds

20 degree temperatures

6 great horned owls

100 prairie chickens

30 bob white quail

20 pheasants

5 good dogs who had too many points to count

23 deer

1 giant buck

1 coyote

1 friendly guide

6 staples in a dogs nose

1 bluebird

3 dead pheasants

This is the first bird up, killed by the first shot, dead when it hit the ground. At least that's what we thought until we looked at each other and saw three people, three empty barrels, and three dead birds... just in case anyone is wondering!

1 dead prairie chicken

1 very tired brother

4 marsh hawks

26 tired legs

1 delicious pumpkin pie

1 great day

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 comments on “Notable Numbers from Norton

  1. Uncle Jim says:

    Who had the first shot?

  2. […] must have been in Kansas when it went […]

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