Million Little Mistakes by Heather McElhatton

“You win $22 Million. Now What?”

Did you know there were choose your own adventure books written for adults?

I had no idea until this was chosen for our book club this month.

The writing is not great.

The story lines are random and totally wacky.

The book was a blast to read and completely addictive.

I’d say this would be a perfect book for traveling, in just a few minutes you’ll probably be dead and be ready to try again.

I had no idea the lottery was so hazardous to your health but between, money grubbing men, pirates, drug runners, malaria, Clydesdales and the undead it’s a treacherous journey!

Would I recommend it? Yes I really would.  It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s totally crazy (rancher, stripper, voodoo priestess, violin maker, the book is under 500 pages but the options in careers seem endless!) but careful it’s hard to put down. When your remote lodge on Lake Superior doesn’t turn out you just might need to know what would have happened if you had you taken the trip to Sex Island instead!

FYI choosing good moral choices will in no way increase your chances of survival or happiness.


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