Why I Love Great Big Sea

After a crabby sort of an afternoon and evening I am positively cheerful. John is home for FIVE whole days.  He brought Makers Mark with him and we watched my new Great Big Sea DVD tonight (thank you Laura and Happy Birthday!). In case you are sadly uninformed of the wonderfulness of the band Great Big Sea, their website can be found here .

My top ten reasons I love Great Big Sea.

1) Their songs involve words like, cheese, gypsum,  and shebang.

2) They have two songs about horses falling through the ice.

3) They play the bodhran, bouzouki, fiddle, tin whistles and banjo.

4) Once I heard them sing acapella with no microphones, (the cheese song no less) awesome.

5) They make mildly inappropriate jokes thorough out their concert while bouncing, dancing and smiling.  I should know, I have seen them in concert eight times.

Should I be admitting something like that?

6) Facial expressions, it’s all about the facial expressions.

7) The drummer can also play the piano accordion and sing U2 songs

8)  Their music inspires dancing, bouncing, clapping and happiness. Despite the fact that I am so musically uninclined that I can not clap along, (pathetic but true) I love it.

9) Ivy has renamed River Driver “the food song”. My singing range is small, I can sing (OK I can try to sing, it’s not always good) some of their songs, this was her lullaby when she was a baby. She may be scarred for life, only time will tell.

Should I be admitting something like that?

10) “From the tropical island of Newfoundland” it’s Great Big Sea.  Go listen and be happy.

4 comments on “Why I Love Great Big Sea

  1. the other Jessie says:

    Jessie introduced me to GBS when we first met. One of many reasons I appreciate her. I love GBS for all of her reasons and I like how if you look at the lyrics you can find some life wisdom perhaps even morals.

    “Don’t go fishin’ for a mermaid son, if you don’t know how to swim.”

    “Never trust a fella with a helmet on his head.”

    “never give the devil a second chance.”

    but not annoyingly moral
    “get drunk whenever I’m ready get sober by and by.”

  2. Sarah says:

    One of the few things I loved about Canada… 🙂

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