High Noon by Nora Roberts

I had previously held out on Nora Roberts. I’m not sure why, just a general distrust of following the crowd and doing what people expect of me. I have a tendency to hold off reading the popular books ’till I darn well feel like it, thank you very much. Inconsequential and silly of me,  but still true.

In any case…

The librarian gave me this one when I was searching for a book recommendation and it’s about what I expected.

Romance, mystery, suspense, hostages, exploding bodies, crazy people, shut ins, lottery winners and happy endings.

Well,  maybe I didn’t expect all of that.

Would I recommend it? Well… I wouldn’t not recommend it. Did I think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread? Not so much. Would I rather read an Evanovich book? For sure. Apparently my murder-mystery-romance book fix runs more to the humorous side.


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