Betrayal in Death by J.D. Robb

While I’m sorry to have been such a spotty poster the last few days I’m going to blame at least half of the lack of posting on this book.

I do most of my writing and posting late at night when sensible people are sleeping, unless I’ve had too many nightmares and woken up screaming too often. Then I try to get more sleep instead of sitting up late at the computer.

Is this book that frighting? Probably not.

Am I that big of a wimp? Sure am.

Would I recommend it? Hmmm… gives me nightmares, a bit cheesy, (writen by Nora Roberts in disguise) yet good characters, and interesting setting…

I think due to my late night screaming and sleeping issues I am unable to give this book a decent recommendation.

Anyone else want to help me out here?


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