Doomwyte by Brian Jacques

Hello my name is Jessie and I love books with talking mice, and shrews, and otters, and moles with funny accents, and any other little woodland talking creature as well.

I  think that by this age most have out grown their love of small furry talking creatures, but…well…I haven’t.

This is one of the newer Redwall books and I love all of these books.

I love them because the good guys always win.

Because even though they win the war they usually lose a few good “men” along the way.

Because swords are not in themselves evil, just the nasty varmints who wield them.

Because friendship always wins.

Because there is always a riddle to solve.

Because the Dibbuns (children) are always getting into mischief.

And most importantly, because when all the fighting is done there is always a feast.

I read Mossflower when I was in middle school, it’s still my favorite, but well, as you can see I thought the rest were pretty good too…

Would I recommend it? Yes, I’d rank it among my favorites, but if you’ve never read any I always recommend starting with Mossflower. I’m impatiently waiting until I’m able to read these aloud to Ivy.  Unfortunately we are currently at the point that even a Franklin book is enough to start Ivy shaking with fright.  I’m thinking we’ve got quite awhile before we can read about marauding sea rats, raven tyrants, and wildcat queens!


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