Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger

Well Corky since you asked…

I’d say this book has a classic example of why I think the little blurb reviews pasted on the covers of books are not to be trusted. This has one that says:

“The bitter cold can be felt emanating from the pages. – Midwest Book Review”

I’m sorry Midwest Book Review, but it’s not that cold in the book. The weather in upper Minnesota is getting near winter and there are a few nasty characters but, having apparently read much more gruesome books, I wouldn’t describe the baddest guy in here as “bitter cold.”

Would I recommend it? Eh… fifty-fifty…

I liked that it was set in an area I knew, the plot twists surprised me and I liked the main character. But I prefer my gruesome murder mystery’s to occur places that I don’t ever travel therefore reducing my tendency to jump out of my skin for no reason.


2 comments on “Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger

  1. Corky says:

    Hahahahah…Jessie, that is funny, because my Mom sent me 5 of his books! She thought it was funny that his name is ‘Cork’ and that Tower is sometimes mentioned…I think I only read 3. I agree with you.

  2. […] about cooking pasta than is normal I switched gears to northern Minnesota murder mystery. I read Boundary Waters by this author a few months ago, and it was alright. Once I started this one I realized it was the […]

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