A Garden For A Groundhog by Lorna Balian

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Actually I’m not a big fan of Groundhogs day.

We live in Wisconsin, there is ALWAYS six more weeks of winter.

This Groundhogs day the groundhogs  at my house today may be  smarter than my husband.

My husband is on the road to work in the below zero wind chill, and blowing snow,  you know the blizzard that’s caused the state to declare a civil emergency in this area.

I’m certain the groundhogs are sleeping through the blizzard instead of checking for shadows.

So, who’s smarter John or a groundhog???

But, regardless  of my own feelings on Groundhogs Day (or my husbands activities) I thought the girls should have a book so they could learn the whole crazy Groundhog Day tradition. I picked the cutest looking one from the pile at the library and headed home not expecting much.

The book is about the O’Learys and their little farm.  On about page three I thought this book might have something going for it:

Then Mrs O’Learys response to Groundhogs Day really had me hooked…

By the time Groundhogs Day really rolled around I was loving it.

When spring came and Mr O’Leary put in action his plan to foil the ground hog I was planning a new blog.And by the end I was convinced that this is the best Groundhogs Day book ever!

Would I recommend it? Yes!

One comment on “A Garden For A Groundhog by Lorna Balian

  1. Jenny says:

    Thanks, that book is cute. I didn’t realize it was Groundhog’s day until Robbie came home from school and was talking about the silliness.

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