“ALL My Horses Talk.”

Guess what?

Ha! Just kidding, no guessing involved.  I’ve just heard that so many times today (and by the way actual guessing about what comes next is not in any way shape or form allowable) I feel the need to start every conversation with it, like this:

Guess what?

I hate playing pretend.

Unfortunately Ivy (the supreme guess whater) LOVES it.

Somethings are tolerable, I can pretend to be the bad queen (and the wicked witch) all day long if necessary. I guess somethings just come naturally…

But the one thing that I never, ever want to do is pretend to make toys talk.

Not horses, not stuffed dogs, not rocks pretending to be talking rocks – nothing.

Ivy has lots of toys (and she’s good and finding rocks), and she wants to make them all talk-all the time.

For instance, Ivy has lots of toy horses, lots of horses that need another person to hold them -in a very specific manner -and make them talk. BUT (before you get all, your such a meanie that’s not so bad on me) they can’t just say whatever you want. Oh no! Ivy wants the horses to say what she wants them to say, but you have to say it. Sounds fun huh? For awhile I was able to escape the talking horses by telling her that my horses didn’t talk.  My horses ran, and ate grass and sorted themselves by color, position, and gender, but they didn’t talk. Now Ivy walks up with her horses and says, “Mom, want to play horses with me?… ALL my horses talk.”

– dang –

I like to think I’m not a complete dud in Ivy’s playing world.  We set up forts, stables, farmyards and villages for her and her toys. I help her dress like a princess, play board and card games and sometimes we build things out of Johns chemistry models.

Tonight we built (from left to right) A Basset Hound, a Great Dane, an elephant a giraffe, a caterpillar and a duck, also not pictured were the deer, and the chicken with a nest of eggs.

Who knew chemistry could be so fun?


Then they started talking, and suddenly it was bedtime.

What can I say?  I really hate making toys talk!


6 comments on ““ALL My Horses Talk.”

  1. Sarah says:

    Me too! And even when I DO give in and play talking horses, and look at the clock so as to require myself to play for 10 or 20 minutes, then make an excuse that I have to leave, the comment that most likely follows is, “but you didn’t even play with me!” Ugh. *sigh*

  2. Jenny says:

    I love your picture! I would be the same way. I don’t make motor sounds, or crashing sounds or exploding sounds. When real crashing happens I start threatening to throw toys away. I am mean!

  3. Helen says:

    I think you’ve experienced the reason why there is usually a lot of arguing and attempts at pursuasion when little kids play together–each has such specific ideas for how the activities must progress, such as excactly the words the horses must say.

    As you so often do, Jessie, you’ve captured something of childhood that is often missed in discussions. Nice work!

  4. Katie Sal says:

    As the person who makes most toys talk (almost immediately and with their own voice) sorry!

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