Heat by Bill Buford

Being sick most of the week was rotten, really rotten. The only silver lining was I got to read a pile of books, some new and some old.

The first one I read was Heat {An Amateur’s adventures as kitchen slave, line cook, pasta-maker, and apprentice to a Dante- quoting butcher in Tuscany} this is our book clubs current book and I’m hoping they may have something to add to this post, becuase I read this during the worst of last week and it’s a bit fuzzy.

What I can say is that some of it was funny, some of it was disturbing, and probably the only thing that kept me from rushing off to the kitchen to consume large amounts of food is that I wasn’t running anywhere, and if I did go someplace it wasn’t going to be the kitchen…

Would I recommend it? I just can’t give any real recommendation on a book all about cooking read when I had the flu. Someone else will have to help me out!


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