When Chickens Fly

When the girls and I do the chores in the morning one of Ivy’s jobs is to let out the chickens.

Notice how Ivy hides behind the door after opening it.

I used to think she was kind of silly.

I’ve changed my mind.

As I was taking pictures one chicken started flying straight at me. Foolishly thinking it had control of it’s flight I ignored it.

Bad idea – it crashed directly into my camera, and then on into me.

Make a note, chickens are really bad fliers!

This was the picture that resulted from the collision.

Also notice that Ivy is still behind the door, not so silly after all!

When the flow of birds slows to more of a trickle that’s when Ivy starts to peek around the door. Smart girl.

3 comments on “When Chickens Fly

  1. Jenny says:

    THese are great shots of chickens in action. Is there time to submit one of these for PW’s contest? I loved the snow dog!

    She is a smart girl!

  2. Jessie says:

    No I’m pretty sure it was too late, thinking about action photos for her contest is what prompted me to try the picture. Trouble is I only get one shot at it a day!

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