How Does Your Garden Grow?

In the spring I’m always full of hope and plans when it comes to the lawn and garden.

I think that this will be the year that even though I hate the lawn I will keep it nice and neat if only to make my husband happy. I will plant grass seed in the bare spots, dig out more thistles and fill holes. It wasn’t…

During the winter John and I made lists of vegetables for the garden and in early spring the kids and I started seeds in the house.

Our vegetable garden vision didn’t quite pan out this year… … that’s right, we’ve got one sad tomato plant that I’m afraid has never seen the proper end of a hose. On the bright side this is a very hardy tomato plant, if I knew what it was I’d recommend it to all my brown thumbed friends!

In the spring I’m certain that the girls and I will garden together and that the flower beds will be beautiful and mostly weed free (even I’m smart enough never to hope for weedless).

In June it looked hopeful.

But now that August is here my flowers appear to be engaged in a game of  hide and seek…

… I figure it was nice of me to leave so many weeds so they’d have such nice hiding places.

For mothers day John and a good friend bought flowers for my window boxes and they were gorgeous… …emphasis on were.

And so my gardens grow, or to be a bit more correct; wither, die, and are smothered under weeds. But that’s the great thing about gardening, while it’s possible this was my worst gardening summer in history and I’ve pretty much given up all hope for the time being, I can already picture next years garden. You know, the one brimming with sweet corn, tomatoes and herbs set in the nicely manicured lawn right next to the house with the wonderful perennial flower bed and the beautiful window boxes. You should come visit it’ll be great… next summer.

2 comments on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Helen says:

    One of the things that make your blog interesting, Jessie, is that it’s so real. We can all relate!

  2. Jenny says:

    Next year is always better! The girls will be bigger and really good helpers!

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