Painted Ladies by Robert B. Parker

I’m only including this book to say I’m no longer putting Parker’s Spencer novels on here. They are all good, I recommend them all.

Well, I’m also including it because Storm is weird. Can anyone tell me why her foot is hovering in midair over the book?

Would I recommend it? Yes.

What do you recommend? I love the super quick reading, non-gruesome murder and humor of these books. Does anyone have any other suggestions of like books?


2 comments on “Painted Ladies by Robert B. Parker

  1. Jenny says:

    I haven’t heard of this author before.

    The photo looks like Storm is sitting up and holding the book up right and you are taking the photo from the front view.

    I love your reveiws. Susie and I were talking about you this weekend during one of our late night tent talks. I have a suggestion for your tags on the book reviews, could you do a tag labled recommended for all the books you say “yes” to? That way when I am looking at your list of reveiws for an idea I could go there rather than skim through all the books you have read.

  2. Jessie says:

    That’s a great suggestion Jenny, I’ve been trying to think of some better ways to organize the books. I had also been thinking of color coding the big list, but I think I’ll start with adding tags, that’s way easier.
    Thanks for the good idea!

    You should check out Appaloosa by the same author if you haven’t, I think Jack would enjoy it too.

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