Five Under Five

When my friend Sarah and I started having kids, we started at just about the same time. We’d get together, have fun with our two babies, take piles of pictures and go home rested. Then we each had another… and then she had one more.  Now with five kids under the age of five we take no pictures, think that we possibly had fun and go home exhausted.  Last weekend we saw each other for just a few hours and I was determined to get a picture.  The kids were clearly unimpressed by my efforts and I don’t blame them – these are not my best pictures ever.

But crazy monster faces and stick to the forehead aside no one is actually crying and we do now have proof that they’ve all been together –  I’m calling it a success.

3 comments on “Five Under Five

  1. thinkbigmuch says:

    As long as baby doesn’t come way late, we’ll have 6 under 5 for about a month. That’s a busy little couch!!!

  2. […] That was back when “visits” didn’t involve adults talking because there were five kids under five. […]

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