Fallen Skies by Philippa Gregory

One of the many benefits of having a period of rest with a nursing baby is that there is a lot of time for reading. Some of it may be reading at two in the morning – but that’s never been something that has bothered me. In fact, this is about the only time I can be reading at two in the morning without mentally chastising myself and feeling guilty about being tired the next day. So without further adieu, here is my reading companion and book model showing off the last Phillipa Gregory book I read:

She looks fairly unimpressed but it’s Phillippa Gregory so the book was of course well written and pretty darn good (she is one of my favorite authors after all).

The book was set just post WWI and I liked that if only for the novelty of it. WWII books seem to be everywhere you look but I’ve read very few of this era, does anyone have suggestions for others?

Would I recommend it? I would except that early on I realized that the characters were all headed toward a gigantic train wreck of a catastrophe. The impeding doom of the wreck you know is coming but takes an entire book to get to could really get to a person. Fortunately for me, I had plenty of time in the middle of the night to read the book quickly and so I enjoyed it. Not a happy book, but a good book.


3 comments on “Fallen Skies by Philippa Gregory

  1. Mary, thee MARY says:

    OMG!!! Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. What happened to my blonde, sassy lil’ boy??? This is MARY, yes, Mary! UNbelievable! 3 little girls! God bless!!! That is wonderful! Thank you & Laura for being soooooo good at keeping in touch which I truly suck at in my old age!!

    What a zoo you have there, literally! Ha! Sounds like you are enjoying life! Congrats on all 3 children! I am so proud of you & Laura. Always knew you’d both be successful, but happy & healthy too…it’s just perfect!!!

    My baby, Dante, is 14 now & in his 1st year of High School at Lakeview Tech. Loves it! Into engineering, CAD, etc… Received a 1.5 pound Chorkie for X-mas that has turned our lives & home upside down! ADORABLE, but a handful! : )

    My love to you, your wife, children, pets, Laura & her family & of course, ma & Al!!
    Happy New Year, honey!

    Love always,

    • John says:

      Thanks Mary and Happy New Year to you as well. Great to hear that things are going well for you too. As you can see, Jessie keeps our lives pretty well chronicled here, and if you and Chuck are in the Madison area, we’d love to have you out (every once in a while, I remember how to cook as well). Take care

  2. Corky says:

    THe baby looks better than the book!

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