Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

This book is, among other things, about ultra-marathoners.

Ultra-marathons are nuts.

You’d have to be crazy to run for 100 miles/24 hours/forever.

Crazy people make for very interesting reading!

In addition to the stories about crazy people this book contains a lot of talk about the evils of shoes.

Since I have always believed in the evils of shoes it was fun and fascinating to read something that had some facts to back up my feelings.

Would I recommend this book? Yes. I believe it would be an interesting read even for a non-runner – you know, like me.

4 comments on “Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

  1. Susie says:

    Great photo.

    • Jessie says:

      Thanks, Ivy thought she was born to dance sideways knock over the book and fall down a lot. We had fun but it took a loooong time to get a running picture!

  2. Lettice says:

    I really want to read that book. I have been trrying to find it. But everywhere I visited last weekend didn’t have it in stock. Hopefully I find it this weekend!

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