The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Once upon a time things were much different around here. I had one dog who liked to sleep all day, no job, a new husband who worked first shift and on this particular day a good book.  I woke up early to kiss my hard working husband goodbye, layed down on the couch ( we don’t have one of those anymore either) and started reading The Time Travelers Wife. Many hours later he got home from work and I was still laying on the couch saying “shhh don’t talk I only have a few pages left!” Ever since when ever this book comes up John tells about how he went to work with my reading it on the couch and how I was still there when he came home.  Which is clearly ridiculous, I’m sure I got up to eat and pee at least once while he was gone.

I just re-read this book and while circumstances have changed (two crazy dogs, three kids, husband on second shift and no couch) it took me two days to read this time and I still loved it.

Clara is sleeping on the chair downstairs tonight because the thunder keeps getting in her ears.

Would I recommend it? For certain. I know there is a movie out there. I’m never watching it. The book is perfect. Don’t see the movie, read the book.


2 comments on “The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

  1. Jessica says:

    Have you read ‘her fearful symmetry’?? by the same author. So good too. Actually might be better. Might even be a stay up all night and read it kinda book.
    I read and saw te movie. Both were good. Book is always better. But I like to see the movies too.

    • Jessie says:

      I have read her fearful symmetry, I’m hit or miss on the book blogs though, apparently that one was a miss!
      I actually didn’t like that one as much as Time Travelers Wife, still good writing but I think I prefer time travel to ghosts. Also I remember being disgusted with a certain character near the end of the book, I won’t go into details for fear of spoiling things for someone but it was definately an “awe seriously!” moment for me!

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