Have You Tasted Fall?

Have you spent a day making apple cider?crates of apples

Have you watched the apples tumble through a washer?The apple washer

Have you seen them fall to the waiting boxes below as they reach the other side?Washed apples falling into waiting crates.

Have your children giggled as apples flew up an elevator?Sending the apples up the elevator to the grinder.

Have you heard the terrific noise of a grinder as the apples are ground to a pulp?Elevator drops the apples in the top of the grinder.

Have you witnessed the mashed apples shooting out onto the press?Filling the press.

Have you watched as knowledge was passed from person to person?A cloth is folded over each layer of apple before the next is added.

Have you seen the belts and wheels of a hundred year old cider press jump into action?The press starts running.

Have you listened to the noise of the engine change as it starts to apply pressure to the apples?The press lifts the trays of apples to squeeze them.

Have you smelled the tang of apples as the juice starts running out?Juice flows out of the layers of apple pulp.

Have you watched your husband explain it all to your children?The liquid is pumped through a hose under the press to a large holding tank in the background.

Have you listened to the gurgle of the amber liquid as it fills a jug?Filling the jugs.

Have you tasted fall?Glass of apple cider.

13 comments on “Have You Tasted Fall?

  1. Jenny says:

    That looks like a fun place.

  2. Jenny says:

    What do they do to the pulp?

    • Jessie says:

      After it gets pressed it’s pretty dry, I’m not sure what the plan was. The man who owned it before spread it on the neighbors fields for fertilizer or fed it to neighboring cows. My chickens would love it if they didn’t already have more windfalls than they can eat!

  3. Corky says:

    Cool! Makes me want to go see it!

  4. I have done none of those things except tasted fall. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Becky says:

    I have! I have! There’s a little town East of here called Julian, and it’s known for it’s apple pies, and all things “apple goodness” 🙂 It’s a great smell, and a wonderful time of the year! Enjoy some for me!

  6. Lisa says:

    Thank you for the great blog and pictures. It reminded me why we love the orchard. 🙂 Lisa

  7. […] with the driveway) is not ours but our new neighbors and the barn you will drive by is where their 100-year-old cider press […]

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