A Great Week!

I’ve spent the last week doing this:DSCN5553-(2sm)

With this guy:John bird hunting

And a pack of these:dogsA great week!

I’ve got to clean my gun tonight but I’ll have more pictures to share tomorrow!

7 comments on “A Great Week!

  1. Dyrewulf says:

    Every time I start to put my hunting gear together, whether it’s turkey or deer season, my German Shorthair Pointers lose their minds….

    • Jessie says:

      I started collecting things on the pool table two days before we left. I turned my back on my pile and when I looked back my Brittany was sitting in the middle of it all. He stuck to me like a shadow until we left – he wasn’t getting left behind if he had any say in the matter! 🙂

  2. Dyrewulf says:

    Reblogged this on 323 Archery Shoot and commented:
    I need to get back into upland bird hunting, I really miss hunting with GSPs.

  3. Jenny says:

    Welcome home! I can’t wait to see more!

  4. jaymarie says:

    you both look supremely happy. xoxo

  5. Jessie says:

    That’s because we were! 🙂

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