The Infernals and The Creeps by John Connolly

When you read these books, as you should, I highly recommend starting with The Gates. Not only will the books make more sense, as books in series are wont to do when read in sequential order, but then when the author berates readers for reading out of order as he provides/reminds the reader of  important details in the footnotes, you can giggle and smirk because you are not one of those readers yet still get the benefit of the reminder.


Would I recommend them? Yes.

I did mention the footnotes and my love of them but I didn’t tell you about the chapter titles. Here is my favorite from The Creeps:

“In Which We Go on a Date – Well, Not “We” as in You and I, Because That Would Just Be Awkward, but We Go on a Date with Other People. No, Hang on, That’s Still Not Right. Oh, Never Mind Just Read the Chapter.”


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