Last week when talking about seat belt safety Clara interrupted, “Yes, but Mom I already know that you should never jump in a sharks mouth or put your finger in a tigers mouth or…”

This week Ivy told her friend and I that the only things that makes her nervous are, “…large predators that could kill me…” When her friend asked what a predator was she happily informed her “You know, stuff like bears and wolves and…”Ivy and bear

I’m not sure where this is all coming from, (because to answer my cousin, no, I have not been reading them Peter Capstick stories) but it seems I have accidentally imparted upon my girls a considerable respect for large toothy creatures.

Which is good.

I’ll never have to worry about Clara jumping into a sharks mouth (at least on purpose) and Ivy will not be the kid who tries to cuddle with a bear.

I can just cross those items right off my list of motherly worries.



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