The Witches Daughter by Paula Brackston

There are times when it’s funny, (if inappropriate) to joke that your two year old is possessed by demons.

While reading this book is not one of them.The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston

Of course John didn’t know I was reading a book full of witches and magic and demonic powers and other scary stuff.  And Jane was having an odd and terrible night. And it’s not John’s fault he can make a harmless comment and then fall asleep 2.7 seconds later.

But it wasn’t funny.

Would I recommend it? I only like to give a recommendation if I think anyone and everyone would like it and should read it. In this case I enjoyed it, but I don’t know that I would give it to someone who doesn’t enjoy a book of magic and history and witches but, if that’s your thing, go find it!

One comment on “The Witches Daughter by Paula Brackston

  1. Hmm… sounds interesting… geez I really need to find a new book to read instead of re-reading my favorites!

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