The Third One is the Loud One

In my experience you teach the first child manners.

You teach them how to sign please before they can speak it. By the time they talk they ask for things with complete sentences and when they tell stories, (so many stories) it is done in a fairly normal, if excited, speaking voice.

The second child you try. Β But the first child is “helping” by making up pretend signs that change minute to minute so the sign language thing never really catches on. And your hands are so full with the first child’s polite, but attention seeking stories, that so long as the second child says what they want instead of sitting and wailing until you figure it out, you no longer care exactly how the information is presented.

The third child, the third child is loud.Jane yelling

As the first child continues to jabber on night and day, the second continues with her demands and the third is left with only one option -loud.

Polite, but loud.

Granny tries to tell Jane that you should be quiet when you go fishing.

Granny tries to tell Jane that you should be quiet when you go fishing.

Full sentences, at top volume.

Stories, just as many stories as that first child, but louder ones.

Songs, all sung at top volume.

(Yes, I know the video is sideways, please tell me if you know how to fix it!)

And you try, you really try to pay attention to them when they ask for something the first time, when it might be in a nice normal voice. But, you are the mother of three and, inevitably, you miss it. The over shadowed and ignored third child defaults back to loud and you finally respond. The behavior is rewarded, you sigh because you know what you Β just contributed to, again, and the third child continues to be loud.

Granny's advice is ignored.

Granny’s advice is ignored.

Happy – but loud.

Yes, in my experience, the third one is the loud one.



10 comments on “The Third One is the Loud One

  1. jesskawrites says:

    My brother is the third one, but he’s quiet. In our family the middle one is loud…

  2. jesskawrites says:

    Does look incredibly happy though πŸ™‚

  3. Corky says:

    Looks very well adjusted!!

  4. Imelda says:

    I think you’re right. My third child is loud, too.

    • Jessie says:

      If your house is like mine that have to to *something* to get everyone’s attention. There are much worse things than loud that she could be! πŸ™‚

  5. Great post! πŸ™‚ We have six and they each have such different personalities! Our third one is the polite one and our fourth one now has a stage that he is being very loud…and our girls outnumber the guys as well! πŸ™‚

  6. Susie says:

    I love the photo of Granny and Jane.

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