Yoga – It’s Just Not My Thing

Yoga – it’s just not my thing.

I hear about the benefits, I understand why it might be good for me, but I’m not interested.  And despite all the people who have tried to convert me the closest I have come to practicing yoga is taking a  different class in a yoga studio at the same time as a yoga class.

And tonight, I was late.

I ran down the sidewalk and rushed through the back door, threw my stuff on the floor and ran for a quick bathroom stop before I joined the group. Unfortunately to get to the bathroom I had to go through the, now in progress, yoga class. I checked my speed at the door, quietly slipped through, padded down the back of the room and through the curtain at the end to the reception area.

Pit stop over, I quickly went to join my class. Across the reception area, though the curtain-

And I was stuck.

An almost falling, windmilling arm, frantic, help I’m being attacked by a giant shiny, purple curtain stuck.  I understand that the low lights, soft music and candles are supposed to help with a calming and centering sort of atmosphere. But I can tell you that from my curtain mangling position it did nothing but panic me further as I attempted to extract myself from the curtain without making any more noise than I already had.  Of course my candle light induced panic just increased my tangled up position and seconds stretched to hours as I kicked myself free of the attack curtain.  At that point I figured I couldn’t possibly make things any worse and dashed for the door, the real door, and back into the bright lights and music.

Yes a large purple curtain and I agree, yoga – it’s really just not my thing!



9 comments on “Yoga – It’s Just Not My Thing

  1. I’m so there with you 🙂

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Yeah, that may be a sign to try something else now 🙂

  3. Jerry says:

    Yoga requires great peace of mind and serenity. Obviously you are just not ready 🙂

    • Jessie says:

      Not even close. Perhaps if I can mange to extract myself from home life and get into the woods with my dog I’ll be closer to that peace of mind. Of course that then begs the question of why I would choose to practice yoga in my minimal time away when I could be chasing birds?

  4. winifer skattebol says:

    Yoga ashrams are full of the most sanctimonious people on the planet!

  5. […] tell me that mediation is a worthy pursuit and something I should not reject out of hand. Similar to yoga, which is also just not my thing, I believe you, I’m just not interested enough in the idea to put forth the amount of work […]

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