A Place in the World by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon

I sat down to write this review, ready to say that nothing huge and dramatic happens in this book.

I was about to tell you that this is a lovely little book, set in dramatic Colombia, amongst the beauty of rain forests on a coffee farm, where a woman leads her life the best she can, as she finds her own place in the world.

But then I remembered the volcano.

It’s hard to claim a volcano isn’t huge and dramatic – it’s a volcano.

So I did some more thinking. How had my faulty memory managed to marginalize the volcano, and quite a few other notably dramatic events?

Eventually, I came to the conclusion that it was the main character’s unique attitude. As an American who has lived for many years in Colombia, she handles things with an amazing blend of the two cultures.  Stepping back and forth between them so well  that the big drama fades into the background,  leaving the focus of the book right where it should be, on the young woman in search of her place in the world.

It just so happens that her world is run by men, contains active volcanoes, guerrilla fighters, monkeys, a bit of political turmoil, coffee crops and an occasional iguana in the water tank – making it infinitely more interesting to read about than our own.

Would I recommend it? I would. Drama aside, the information on the culture, rain forests and coffee growing would have been enough to keep me interested.

Rosie's Book Review team 1

This honest review was given in return for a free copy of the book from its author.

5 comments on “A Place in the World by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon

  1. Rosie Amber says:

    Lovely review, I fell in love with the cloud forest and all the wonderful plants and animals when I read this book.

  2. Love this review — you’re honest and detailed enough to make me want to pick it up. However, I would have NO interest in living there. That, I guess, is what makes reading so attractive — new lands through books.

  3. I’m so pleased with this lovely review of A Place in the World: delighted with your insights and the way you wrote it. (It’s wonderful when a reader “gets it” – and even better when someone takes the time to write a review. 🙂

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