Absolute Power: Book 1: Origins by Grayson Queen

It was the morning of what was to be an extraordinarily uneventful day. Unpacking, laundry, cooking, more laundry… but before I even started my day I discovered that Grayson Queen’s new book was released. Of course, I had to go check it out, pin it to my board of books to read, add it to my Amazon wishlist… and that’s when I discovered that not only was it out, but that the e-book is free until the 27th! There was no reason not to “buy” and download it just at that moment, so I did.

And then it hijacked my day.

I wasn’t going to read any of it today, I’m in the middle of another book,  but I had to at least check out the cover… and the first pages… and before I knew it I was knee deep in the history of Super-Human wars before I had even had breakfast.

I folded laundry at super speeds, promising myself another chapter (or three) if I finished it all.

Lunch time found me struggling to keep characters and their crazy abilities straight while reading, feeding the girls and eating myself. (Had I followed the directions of my grade school teachers I would have looked through the whole book and found a character list in the back, but where is the challenge in that?)

Once the kids were in bed I settled into the couch to enjoy the rest of the book in peace which was good, because things were getting a little crazy with space and time and I needed to concentrate.

Long before I was ready, the book ended with a bang and I was left desperate to know what happens next.

And my boring day? I hardly noticed all that laundry, I was too busy lost in a world of telepaths, heroes and intrigue.

Would I recommend it? Yes in the course of my day it moved from my Pinterest “Books to read” board right on over to my “Book Recommendations” board. It’s a fast-paced-blow-shit-up and intelligent-make-you-think read all at the same time.

Here is the Amazon link:


2 comments on “Absolute Power: Book 1: Origins by Grayson Queen

  1. Susie says:

    Your super power is…the ability to put a great book down to do a little laundry!

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