Do You Like Barbies?

Once upon a time Jane was talking to a young male friend of her’s on our way home.

Jane: “Do you like Barbies?”Jane

YMF: “No.”

Jane: “But what kind of Barbies do you like?”

YMF: “I don’t like ANY Barbies.”

Jane: “But you like Ken?”

YMF: “No.”

Jane: “You like princess Barbies?”Jane

YMF: “No.”

Jane: “But you like Merida.”

YMF: “No.”

Jane: “You like Jasmine?”

YMF: “What?”

Jane: “But you like Jasmine!”


Jane: “No. Jasmine.”

YMF: “Oh. No.”

Jane: “But you like Barbies!?”

YMF: “I don’t like Barbies!”Jane

Jane: “But you like…”

It was an impressive conversation. Jane’s persistence and complete unwillingness to accept given answers as fact had met it’s match with her friend’s polite refusal.

The conversation continued on into the house…

Jane: “You wanna play Barbies now?!”

YMF: “No.”

It was time for me to stop hiding my giggles and step in.

Me: “Hey guys, how about Legos? Should we get the Legos out?”

YMF: “Are they Barbie Legos?”

Fortunately I was able to assure him that there were no Barbie Legos and they played happily ever after.

14 comments on “Do You Like Barbies?

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I love the pictures with the story 🙂 Too cute how those conversations go sometimes!

    • Jessie says:

      Thanks I had been waiting for an opportunity to use those photos I was a bit worried no one would notice her face changing in them. Glad I was wrong!

  2. The JellyFish says:

    Love the pictures and the conversation! :p

  3. Jaymarie says:

    Giggle, snort. I love those kids!

  4. Eli Pacheco says:

    But I still want to know if he likes Barbies! (She should have asked about Skipper. Even boys like Skipper. Or was that just me?)

  5. Hopeje says:

    She is quite stuborn when she Wants something and cute 😉

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